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About the company


TIK d.o.o.

60 years


The TIK Kobarid Needle Factory was established by the Tolmin County People Committee on February 14, 1951.

The needle making machines for sewing machines were originally intended for the Ljubljana plant. After the annexation of Primorska to Yugoslavia, it was initially planned to locate them in Sežana and finally in Kobarid. It was largely by chance that the needle company was set up in an empty barracks in Kobarid. It stood where the newly renovated TIK technology and maintenance building stands today.

This area, which had no industrial tradition or human resources but with a large labour force in the hinterland, celebrated its inauguration in the hope of further development and more employment opportunities.

The company has experienced ups and downs since its foundation and to this day. With its help, the local area has developed a wealth of industrial knowledge. Throughout this time, it remained an important employer for the inhabitants of Kobarid and the surrounding area.

Establishment Act of TIK d.o.o.


Commitment to quality and standards

Quality is an essential part of the company’s policy in all aspects and processes. Commitment to quality is the core focus and the highest value of the company. For successful quality management, the company has a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 13485:2016 standard and the applicable legislation.