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Terms of use

1. General Provisions

By using this website (browsing, opening links, reading content and the like), the website visitor agrees to these General Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. If you as a website visitor do not agree to these General Conditions and Privacy Policy, please do not use the website.

The provider reserves the right to change these General Conditions at any time without prior notice by publishing a new version on the website.

These General Conditions apply to the entire website and all of its individual parts, such as sections, sub-pages or forms, unless expressly provided otherwise for individual sections.

2. Content on the Website

Notices, contributions, articles, publications, texts and other content published on the website (“Content”) have been created to best serve the visitors of the website (“users”) with beneficial and useful Content for their work. The provider is doing its best to ensure the accuracy and correctness of this information and content, as well as the proper functioning of the forms, by maintaining the website.

Where information obtained from other sources is published on the website, its source is indicated next to it or a link to the source is added.

The provider reserves the right to modify, add or remove content or forms on the website without prior notice and assumes no liability for any consequences of such modifications.

The website also has links to other parties’ websites. The provider cannot affect or influence the functioning and content of these sites and accepts no liability for the accuracy of the information and content published there.

The rules on the limitation of liability for the use of the content on the website are set out in point 3 hereof.

3. Exclusion of Liability for the Use of the Website

Website visitors use the website, its parts, the content and information solely at their own risk.

The website provider assumes no liability if any relevant information or other content published on the World Wide Web or submitted to the provider for publication is overlooked.

The provider assumes no liability for the accuracy and correctness of the information and content published on the website, assumes no liability for the modification of previously published information or content, and assumes no liability for any damage that the website visitor may incur from the use of the information or content published there, including damage arising from loss of revenue or expected profit, loss or impairment of goodwill, loss of business or loss of data.

4. Cookies

The website uses text files (so-called cookies) that are stored on the devices with which internet users access this website and are used to identify these devices. The website uses cookies to collect information about its use in order to improve the user experience.

Cookie storage is under the complete control of the user’s browser and may be restricted or disabled.

Any previously stored cookies can be controlled or deleted in your web browser. When you delete the cookies or after they expire, the website will again warn you about their use. More information about cookie settings and how to delete them in individual web browsers is available at the following links:

– Chrome
– Firefox
– Internet Explorer
– Microsoft Edge
– Opera
– Safari
– Google Android

Social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter may install cookies when you visit the website while logged into their service. The provider has no control over these cookies, as their use is governed by the terms and conditions of participation that you have accepted as a user of these networks on registration with these networks.

5. Personal Data Protection

The provider protects the personal data of the website visitors, which they provide when using it. Personal data is processed solely for the purposes for which it was collected and as permitted by the applicable law.

The provider shall not use personal data, including contact details, for any other purpose, and will not forward it to third parties without the express prior permission of the data subject unless it is required to do so by the regulations.

Upon visiting the website, some data (e.g. date, time and address of the website from where you came) are stored on the server. This data is anonymous and only used for statistical processing.

The provider carries out the necessary organisational, technical and logical-technical procedures and measures to protect the personal data, prevent any accidental or intentional unauthorised destruction of the data, its modification or loss and unauthorised processing.